— By Renin Williams, Harsimran Singh

At Dream11, keeping our users’ data safe and secure is of primary importance. Users trust us with their information and we go above and beyond to provide the best possible online fantasy sports experience to them while they enjoy their favourite sports. Since our teams deal with a lot of user-centric and company-related data, every member of the team takes utmost effort and care to keep the data secure. Let us discuss how we made this possible with S3 alerts.

The Background — Where It All Began

At Dream11, we use S3 buckets. They…

By Srijan Gupta, Anuj Gupta

At a time when we are collectively homebound, thanks to the pandemic, the Dream11 Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 came like a breath of fresh air for cricket fans everywhere. Not only did the Dream11 IPL 2020 fill an otherwise gaping void in the realm of sports this year, but it also kept our passion for cricket, a thread that binds us together, burning as brightly as ever.

Besides watching the matches, sports fans participated in exciting fantasy sports contests on the Dream11 app and showcased their skill and knowledge of the sport! Fans…

IPL witnesses huge fan following, so it is a defining event for us at Dream11. During Dream11 IPL 2020, we served an enormous amount of traffic. With more than 5.5 million concurrent users enjoying the fantasy sports experience, some of the services get more than 80 million requests per minute. The ultimate challenge is to provide our users with a seamless experience even at such a huge scale.

The Challenge

Preparing the Dream11 platform to scale for this event needed a herculean effort. The major challenges we had to overcome were:

  • Benchmarking 100+ micro services, built using varied technologies such as Java…

Cricket, as a sport, is worshipped in our country. 2020 was a trying time for everyone and sports had come to a halt for almost 4 to 5 months. The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 came as a much-needed welcome change for Indian sports fans. Fans celebrated the magnanimity of IPL and also increased their engagement with the matches by participating in Dream11 fantasy sports contests, which amplified the thrill and excitement of the tournament. …

When starting a new project, most technology teams begin with a single frontend repository. This worked very well for us at Dream11 too, when our tech team was small in the early stages of projects. But as the team grew, maintaining our content management system (CMS) became more and more difficult. With a growing team, making work processes as seamless as possible to deliver high performance was a priority, so we identified problematic bottlenecks and reinvented our way of work when it came to our CMS application.

What were the bottlenecks?

We found that:

  • Shared code led to too many conflicts.
  • Continuous integration and…

By Qamar Ali Shaikh - CoreInfra , Ritesh Sharma - SRE

For the 100 million Dream11 users, the thrill and excitement of playing fantasy sports on our platform is unparalleled. They enjoy creating their own teams and competing with fellow fans and friends! However, from a backend perspective, there are various challenges we face in terms of variation in traffic and engagement on Dream11 majorly before the match start time. To ensure the application runs smoothly at critical times when user traffic is high, as a team, we came up with a scalable and customisable solution. …

Scale at Dream11

With a whopping 40 million RPM, 2.5 million user concurrency, it is all about capturing and crunching the data of the 3 billion daily events that we receive, owing to data collection of ~4.5 TB per day.

In the current data driven world, how fair is to expect a company to count on a single data tool to fulfill business and data requirements!!?
I would say, it is clearly not possible. With each tool fighting to have its own unique functionality, we tend to lean towards outsourcing of different tools to satisfy our data and business needs. Fair Enough…

By Pradip Thoke, Salman Dhariwala


Building batch data analytics platform traditionally is not a new trend. While the industry is moving towards agile and shorter development cycles, scope of building data platform is no more limited to batch processing. Businesses aim for real time updates on-the-go. No one wants to know something that has broken after an hour.

Many of us must have seen an application use RDBMS OLTP directly and run SQL statements to do all these. In case you are wondering- is this a good solution? The answer is- it depends.

Using OLTP transactional systems to run…

By Neha Sood

Data is the new oil…only if you can reach meaningful insights out of it. Getting the most relevant insights in the fastest possible way, makes a business stand apart from the crowd. In other words, reliability and speed are the two key metrics when it comes to assessing the quality of insights. However, with growth in user base and resultant data, supporting deep analytics at a large scale becomes a challenge.

At Dream11, our analytics use-cases range from real-time customer targeting based on their current actions, detecting behavioural anomalies, powering journey nudges basis users’ action stage, enabling…

ElasticSearch @Dream11

Scale to serve over 500,000+ events per second, 5 TB+ ingestion capacity and provide logging, search for micro services, security analytics along with anomaly detection

By Sanjeev Jaiswal, Arvind Sharma

How DevOps team at Dream11 built ‘Elasticsearch as a Service’ for our microservices , security, data services logging and analytics needs in the face of high events frequency and data ingestion requirements


At Dream11, multiple microservices and applications are using Elasticsearch as a core infrastructure engine to solve problems like centralized logging, search capability in applications, storing security related WAF logs and anomaly detection etc. …

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